CIBC Investor’s Edge

If Questrade have already established itself as the number one online brokerage house in Canada, CIBC Investor’s Edge is literary breathing in their neck. This branch is the investment advisory and brokerage arm of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – one of the big five banks in the country. The super-fast online access to real-time market information and the careful guidance of the CIBC investment advisor promise to give the costumers a flying start in their investing endeavor.

Depending on their customers’ investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial abilities, the dedicated advisors of CIBC Investor’s Edge provide them with specially-tailored investment portfolios that fully meet their investment needs. Because the world markets are not always stable and unexpected changes are not rare, CIBC Investors’ Edge analysts are always ready to review their clients’ portfolios. The analysts assess them with regard to the latest developments on the global markets.

Because the CIBC Investor’s Edge team is paid on the basis of the results it achieves, its advisors will always work hard with clients to make sure that their investment portfolio has developed its full potential. Thus, the experts of CIBC Investments are truly interested in recommending their clients only high-yield transactions that will best work for them. In terms of commissions, the company has a commission rate of 2.5 percent for shares in the price range $0.00 to $0.245, $35 plus half a cent per share for shares priced $0.25 to $1.00, and $35 plus 6 cents per share for shares worth $20.01 and above. A commission of $59 is applicable to all USA and Canadian orders that are placed by telephone or with a CIBC advisor.

The clients of CIBC Imperial Investor Service find it incredibly easy to access their account wherever they are - from any internet point around the world, which allows them to monitor and manage their portfolios as they need to. Having a super-fast and easy access to their CIBC Investor’s Edge account, the company’s numerous costumers can access and monitor their bank information, transfer funds between their bank account and their CIBC investment account, receive real time market quotes, and get information about the latest investment opportunities available on the market.

The professionals from CIBC Imperial Investor Service know quite well that building a flexible and diversified portfolio is the first step towards making a smart investment. For this reason, they have developed a wide range of premium-class investment solutions for their clients.

For instance, by opening an account with CIBC Investor’s Edge, you can invest in more than two thousand mutual funds based in Canada or take advantage of some high-interest cash accounts. As an alternative option, you can put your money in Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), Canada Savings Bonds or choose from a wide variety of federal, provincial, or corporate securities.

Finally, it is good to know that CIBC Investor’s Edge is not a traditional banking service. The company is tied with the CIBC banking business and therefore, it allows its costumers to take advantage of both CIBC and non-CIBC investment products.