BMO InvestorLine

BMO InvestorLine is the investment advisory business of the Bank of Montreal, one of the five biggest and best-reputed banks in Canada.

BMO InvestorLine has focused on the development of award-winning investment and market research tools, combined with a customer care service of outstanding quality and truly global reach. To help their clients plan their investments and make well-informed decisions, the team of BMO InvestorLine has developed innovative and highly efficient tools such as their Asset Allocator, helping their customers determine an asset allocation mix that best meets their investment goals. Retirement Planner is another tool that helps the clients of BMO InvestorLine develop a reliable retirement payment plan according to their current financial situation and specific needs.

If you find it hard to choose a set of investment options that will best work for you, you can always take advantage of S&P Top Picks tool, featuring a set of pre-packaged portfolios, backed by the precise market analyses of Standard&Poor’s. But that’s not all – once opening a BMO InvestorLine account, you can set up various stock and news alerts that will keep you informed about the latest changes on the stock markets around the world as they happen. The benchmark reports of BMO InvestorLine will allow you to compare your portfolio returns to industry benchmarks and see how your portfolio is doing against the forever-changing markets. The portfolio managing service of BMO InvestorLine allows their customers to constantly upgrade their portfolios in accordance with their specific investment goals. The investment advisors of BMO InvestorLine are always ready to help their customers develop their unique portfolios and keep them viable and well-operating with the aid of a rich arsenal or tools for market research and analysis.

The investment options of BMO InvestorLine include Canadian and US stocks and Corporate bonds, along with T-Bills, new issues, mutual funds, Canada savings bonds, strip coupon bonds, and commercial paper that are accressible through three main categories of user accounts: cash and margin accounts – developed primarily for individuals; non-personal accounts, designed especially for corporations, sole proprietors, churches, investment clubs, etc.; and tax-sheltered retirement savings accounts, including self-directed registered retirement savings plans, locked-in retirement savings plans, etc. The LRSPs are used for funds that are legislated in Nova Scotia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and federally. On the other hand, LIRAs are used for funds that are legislated in Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, etc.

BMO Investor line also offers retirement income accounts which are designed to provide income during the customer’s retirement years. Such accounts are life income funds, spouse/ common partner RIFs, retirement income funds, and prescribed retirement income funds. The registered education savings plan of BMO is intended for family and individual accounts. Customers have diverse options to invest including equities, mutual funds, options, GICs, fixed income securities, and more.

Finally, BMO InvestorLine has introduced a flat fee of $9.95 per trade, no matter how often you use your account top trade. It is worth knowing that the electronic option trades are charged at $9.95, plus $1.25 per contract.