Famous Canadians - Canadian Hall of Fame

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National identity and pride develop by comparing the history, culture, progress, and achievements of one nation to those of others. Heritage, culture, folklore, and traditions are the key elements distinguishing the citizens of one country from those of another.

The infographic is a virtual Canadian Hall of Fame and includes influential Canadians who have contributed to scientific and social development, economic security and prosperity, and the creative arts. Famous sports stars, scientists, politicians, and singers became successful in their field. Research efforts led to important discoveries and breakthroughs, which made a revolutionary change in the sciences. They contributed to understanding viral diseases, demystified different phenomena, and helped lay the foundations of many disciplines. Influential people expanded the boundaries of knowledge and shaped human history. Researchers such as Richard Taylor, Sidney Altman, and Ernest McCulloch are visionaries and revolutionaries who made ingenious inventions. Many Canadian painters such as the Group of Seven, authors such as Margaret Atwood and singers such as Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Celine Dion are futurists who made important artistic contributions. Directors such as James Cameron created innovative styles and forms, set trends, and depicted different historical periods. Influential businessmen, sportsmen, inventors, and artists made positive contributions to society, and their ideas and work will shape the future.

The new infographic was designed to show visitors that Canada is the home to influential people who were visionaries and history-makers.