Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is a Canadian singer, songwriter, music producer, and photographer. He was inducted to the Canada’s Walk of Fame in 1998. Aside from his music achievements which include 15 Grammy Award nominations, Adams is also known for his philanthropic work. In fact, he was given the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award for the contributions he made during his career.

Since the early 1980s, Adams performed concerts and got engaged in other activities to help raise money for different causes. The first high-profile appearance he made was in 1985 for the US broadcast of Live Aid. That same year, Adams was a part of the two-week tour of Amnesty International. The event also featured performers like Sting and U2.

Adams again performed for Amnesty International in the “Rock for Amnesty” with Paul McCartney and other artists. In 1987, he played at the 5th Annual Prince’s Trust Rock Gala with Elton John as well as at the Nelson Mandela birthday party concert. One of Brian Adams’ most memorable performances was in 1990 when he played “What Shall We Do Know?” at a concert that commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall. His re-recorded version of “Young Lust” charted at number 7 in the Mainstream Rock Tracks.

In 2005, Adams performed at a charity concert in Toronto to help the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. He was also able to raise over two million dollars that same year from a concert and auction of a guitar signed by many famous guitarists. The proceeds went to the “Reach Out to Asia”, which is a project by Qatar to help the poor found on the continent. Some of the money also went to Adams’ personal projects which included the rebuilding of a school in Thailand, that was destroyed by the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Following the September 11 attacks in the United States, Adams was the first Western artist who performed in Pakistan. He held a charity concert in order to raise money for the schooling of underprivileged children. A portion of the proceeds also went to the victims of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake.

Adams set up The Bryan Adams Foundation in 2006, which is registered in the United Kingdom. The main goal of the foundation is to improve the quality of life for people all over the world. This task is achieved by providing financial help to organizations that are involved in charity work through grants to fund specific projects. Generally, the trustees of the Bryan Adams Foundation do not give grants to unsolicited applications as well as to individuals.

The projects that may qualify concern the elderly, victims of war and calamities, and of other disadvantaged circumstances. The foundation also aims to advance the educational opportunities of the youth. The Bryan Adams Foundation is partially funded by the photography of Bryan Adams. Some of its projects include raising £170,000 for Kids Company, a charity devoted to helping underprivileged and abused children living in London, England.