Top Charitable Organizations in Canada

There are many charities in Canada that substantially contribute to the well-being of Canadian citizens on a local and national level. These organizations, however, cannot operate without the volunteer work of their members and the financial support they receive from both corporations and ordinary people.

If you have a generous heart and would like to bring forth a positive change in the life of a fellow human being, you can do so by making a donation to any of the large charity organizations listed below:

Sun Youth

Operating in the area of Montreal, the Sun Youth Organization has set as its objective the support of underprivileged individuals. This body has developed its own food and clothes banks and has a Medication program that pays up to 50 percent of the prescription costs of low-income seniors. The Organization maintains an Emergency Services unit and holds various educational events as a part of its Crime Prevention program.

If you want to help, you can contact the Sun Youth Organization on the following address:
The Sun Youth Organization
4251 Urbain St.
Montreal Quebec, Canada H2W 1V6
Tel: (514) 842-5241

Loft Community Services
This charity, which is based in Toronto, Ontario, offers temporary housing to adolescents between 16 and 24 of age. In addition to giving them food and shelter, the organization provides these needy youths with job training assistance, counseling, and health services.
The other major project of Loft aims to alleviate the isolation of senior community members by scheduling home visits on a daily basis.

A truly concerned organization, Loft Community Services can be reached on the address below:
Loft Community Services
205 Richmond St. W., Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1V3
Tel: (416) 979-1994

SOS Children's Villages Canada
Part of the world’s largest charity for abandoned children, SOS Children's Villages Canada provides continuous care for orphans and neglected infants by accepting them in the Organization's “villages" where they receive food and shelter as well as health services and basic education.

Based on the principle that a child will feel best if it lives and grows up in its own biological family, the Organization also maintains several family strengthening programs, which strive to provide support through, among others, counseling, vocational training, and financial help.

The SOS Children's Villages Canada can be contacted at:
200-244 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 5Y3
Tel: 613-232-3309

Vancouver Foundation
The largest community foundation in Canada, the Vancouver Foundation helps individuals and companies set up endowment funds to benefit a local charity of their choice. The foundation supports innovative projects and charitable initiatives on the territory of British Columbia. Individuals who donate support their favorite causes, e.g. environment, healthcare, animals, and the arts, among others. Donations are also made to the Community Impact Fund which aims to address local problems and challenges. Every year the Foundation distributes over $40 millions of donations throughout the country.

The address of the Vancouver Foundation is:
P.O. Box 12132
Harbor Center
Vancouver British Columbia
Canada V6B 4 N6
Tel: (604) 688-4170

Other charitable organizations are United Way, Salvation Army, World Vision.