The Top Historic Sites in Canada

Canada offers a wealth of historic sites and attractions for families and solo travelers alike. They can choose from close to 800 historic sites and landmarks, owned and operated by businesses, historical societies, and custodians.

Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
The Fortress of Louisbourg is a national historic site that offers puppet shows, demonstrations of weapons, unguided and guided tours, and more. There are plenty of activities such as geocoaching, exhibitions, orientation tours, walking trails, and others. The site offers plenty of attractions, from upper-class dancing to watching colonial soldiers with weaponry.

Batoche, Saskatchewan
Batoche is a historic site that keeps memories of the 1885 Battle of Batoche. Visitors have the chance to see several restored buildings and exhibitions showcasing contemporary and historic works of art. Many of them are displayed in the Medieval Art Gallery in Saskatoon, the Indian Art Centre and Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, and elsewhere. There are plenty of things to do, including canoeing, bird watching, hiking, picnics, cultural explorer tours, and a lot more.

Grand Pré, Nova Scotia
Grand Pré or the Great Meadow is a rural community and the place where the Great Upheaval of 1775 began. French-speaking settlers were expelled from the Maritime Provinces and left for the British colonies, France, and Great Britain. Many of them didn’t survive. There are many things to do in Grand Pre – you can visit the blacksmith shop, see the Statue of Evangeline, visit the Victorian flower gardens, watch films on the deportation, and a lot more. You can also go to the Evangeline Beach to watch the tides, discover Grand-Pré Aboiteau, or have lunch. There are walking trails, vineyards, and great picnic spots. Enjoy the Acadian kitchen garden, orchard, willows, duck pond, and landscape. There are school programs as well, for students to learn more about Grand Pré.

Bar U Ranch, Alberta
Bar U Ranch is also a famous site in Canada, which is found in the Rockies. This is a site of national importance that features a number of historic structures and buildings. Visitors have the chance to learn more about ranching and its historical significance. The site offers plenty of attractions and activities, telling a story of cowboys, ponies, percherons, farmers, and their families. At one time, this was the world’s largest Percheron breeding site. There are many special events taking place in the Bar U Ranch, including the Chore Horse Competition and Bar U Chuckwagon Cook-Off. You can visit nearby attractions and sites as well, including the Kananaskis Provincial Park, Cave and Basin National Historic Site, and Waterton Lakes National Park.

Rideau Canal, Ontario
The Rideau Waterway or Rideau Canal is a canal that connects the city of Kingston and Ottawa. It is a National Historic Site of Canada and the oldest operated canal on the North American continent. Rideau Canal opened in 1832 and is 200 km long. There are facilities for visitors, including barbeque grills, benches and tables, and washrooms.

L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland & Labrador
L'Anse aux Meadows is a historic and archeological site located on the island of Labrador. This is a National Historic Site of Canada that features the remains of a Viking settlement of the 11th century. The site features Viking encampments and guided and unguided tours and activities for children.

Other Historic Sites
There are many historic sites around Canada such as Dawson, Yukon Territory, Nan Sdins, British Columbia, Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, Fortifications of Quebec, Quebec, and others. More than 150 historic sites are administered by Parks Canada. They are designated as national historic sites by the Minister of the Environment. The sites are found in Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, and other provinces and territories. Examples include the McCrae House, Hartland Covered Bridge, Dundurn Castle, Dawson Historical Complex, and many others. A total of 267 sites are found in Ontario alone. In fact, the province has more landmarks than any other Canadian province or territory. Some of them are operated by Parks Canada, with many sites located in southern Ontario. There are also nature and national parks, kids’ attractions, contemporary landmarks, and much more to see in Canada.