What is the largest city in Canada?

The largest city in Canada is Toronto. It is the capital of the Canadian province called Ontario. Toronto has the highest population in Canada. The total area of Toronto is 630 square kilometers. Toronto is situated in southern Ontario, on Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It ranks fifth amongst the most populous municipalities in North America. Toronto is actually in the heart of the area called Greater Toronto and also belongs to an area in southern Ontario called Golden Horseshoe. The Golden Horseshoe area contains 25% of Canada’s total population. Toronto has a continental climate with humid, warm summers, and chilled winters.

Toronto is not only the economic capital of Canada, but is considered to be a major financial center of the world. The economic sectors of Toronto consist of telecommunications, financial services, aerospace, software production, media, television and film production and tourism, to name a few. Toronto is ranked amongst the top livable cities in the world. The international and cosmopolitan feel of the population of Toronto is an endorsement of the fact that the city is a vital base for foreign immigrants.

The city of Toronto was incorporated on March 6, 1834. Toronto once had the biggest alcohol processing center in the entire North America. The Distillery District in Toronto, which is a heritage site, is amongst the top “must – see” attractions for tourists. Toronto also has many public parks for recreation of the travelers as well as museums. It is even a primary base for theater and several performing arts. Other notable attractions around Toronto’s vicinity include Fort York, the Toronto Islands, the Beaches, CN Tower, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.