Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies have been known as a great area full of mountainous regions, lush forests and wildlife. The many sites in store are known as tourist attractions. Because of the Rockies’ history and nature, many tourists and locals alike enjoy the charm that the Rockies have. Composed of shale and limestone, the Canadian Rockies are protected as a park and a World Heritage Site.

Canadian Rockies Geography

The Rockies are located in Alberta, Canada and are actually a part of the North American Rocky Mountains Range. This segment lies at the eastern part of the Canadian Cordillera. Along its borders, the southern end lies in the US states Idaho and Montana. The Canadian Prairies and the Rocky Mountain Trench surround the Canadian Rockies to the east and west, respectively. The Liard River borders the Rockies to the north.

Mount Robson, soaring 3,954 m (12,972 ft), and Mount Columbia at 3,747 m (12,293 ft) are two of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies.

Mountain Expeditions
Mount Columbia is the highest mountain peak in the Rockies, and likewise great for expeditions. These are for serious people because it can take up to two days in a tent just to wait for the weather to clear!

Mount Robson has been a tourist attraction because of the challenges it presents. Only experienced mountaineers are prepared to climb here, with the usual time span being one week. If you’re interested in such expeditions, you should have the proper guide with you.

Tourist guides and expert mountaineers are available and offer support, if you ever decide to go mountaineering on your vacation.

Canadian Rockies National Parks
The Canadian Rockies are the home of five national parks. Four of these comprise the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage site. They are protected by UNESCO for their unique mountain landscapes. A typical landscape comprises of the peaks, waterfalls, canyons, lakes, and glaciers scattered around the Rockies. The unique features of these mountain ranges make the Rockies a sought-for vacation trip.

You can visit the national parks Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, and Waterton. The first four are interlocked to form the World Heritage Site. Waterton is not included because it lies too far to the south.

Vacation Accommodations
The Canadian Rockies are known for beauty of nature, and especially for the traditional means of transportation around - through the train service. You will enjoy the lush forests and mountain landscapes while on your train ride.

Of the many attractions, Lake Louise and the Rocky Mountains are just two of the breathtaking sites to admire when you visit the Canadian Rockies. You can also check in at the Banff Springs Hotel, a historic landmark of the Rockies.

You will enjoy a large variety of activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, swimming, canoeing, and many more. These are monitored at the national parks to ensure safety and minimize disturbance of the wildlife in the region.

The Canadian Rockies are Canada’s must-see mountain attraction. Rich in lush greenery and vast mountainous landscapes, the Rockies have become a tourist attraction that is great for a vacation.