What are the major cities in Canada?

Canada is the second largest among all countries in the world. Immigrants from all parts of the world come to Canada. They settle mainly in the top cities of the country. These are:

Toronto: The city having the highest population in Canada is the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto ranks amongst the top financial centers in the world. Some of the major tourist attractions of Toronto include the Casa Loma, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, and CN Tower.

Montreal: It is the second amongst the top cities of Canada. It is situated in the province of Quebec. For many years Montreal had been the financial and industrial hub of Canada. It also blends a hint of European sophistication in itself making it one of the most popular cities in Canada. Some of the city’s attractions include Montréal Botanical Garden, Mount Royal, Point-a-Calliere Museum, and Montreal Biodome.

Vancouver: This city is a primary seaport situated in British Columbia. Vancouver is ranked in the category of the most habitable cities in the world. It has been the venue for numerous international events and conferences like 1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication, and the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements in 1976. Vancouver is one of the top industrial centers in Canada.

Ottawa: The capital of Canada, Ottawa is located in Ontario. This city has world class academic scopes, and is a technological and financial hub. Ottawa also boasts of an entertainment and cultural side. It has the highest population in Canada of educated work – force.

Calgary: This city is supposed to be the largest in the province of Alberta. It is widely known for ecotourism and winter sports. Calgary’s economic growth is dependent primarily on the petroleum industry.