What are the Top 5 universities in Canada?

Many Canadian universities and colleges meet the standards and requirements set forth by the government. Students get good education, not matter which institution of higher education they choose. Of course, some universities rank higher and are more prestigious than others. The top 5 universities in Canada are: University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, and University of Alberta.

McGill University is one of the oldest Canadian universities, chartered during the British colonial era. Professors and students at McGill University have been recognized in many academic fields, ranging from politics and business to sports, science, and arts. Eleven Nobel Laureates are alumni of the university, including two prime ministers, three astronauts, and three Pulitzer Prize winners.

Ranked first in Canada, the University of Toronto is the birthplace of stem cell research and insulin, multi-touch technology, and the electron microscope. This academic institution has educated fourteen Justices of the Supreme Court, four prime ministers, and two governors general. The university is home to a strong research faculty and was ranked in top 16 for all academic fields in 2008.

Located in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia ranks as one of the top 3 universities in Canada. Throughout its history, former students, alumni, and faculty have played prominent roles in different spheres. Many UBC faculty and alumni have won awards, including 67 Rhodes Scholarships and 7 Nobel Prizes. Former students have gained national and local prominence. The University of British Columbia educated two Prime Ministers – John Turner and Kim Campbell.

University of Waterloo, found in Waterloo, Ontario confers bachelor degrees, professional degrees, master degrees, and doctoral degrees. It has been consistently ranked among the top Canadian universities and ranks among the top 50 research universities in Canada. Notable companies founded by alumni include Kik Messenger, Sandvine, Research in Motion, Digital Leisure, and others.

The University of Alberta is one of the largest research-intensive institutions of higher education in Canada. Many University of Alberta researchers are international research award recipients. Awards won include: Canada Gairdner International Award (Raymond Lemieux), Fellowship in the Royal Society (David Schindler, John Vederas), etc. Opened in 1908, the University of Alberta has been recognized as one of the best Canadian universities by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The university received a score of A- for: reputation for graduate and undergraduate studies, reputation among employers, and overall academic reputation. Notable alumni are Wold Prize in Chemistry winner Raymond Lemieux, Principal of Kinnaird College Bernadette Louise Dean, President of Athabasca University Dominique Abrioux, and many others. The University of Alberta has educated many honorary degree recipients, Rhodes Scholars, politicians, and authors. Alumni and honorary degree recipients are former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal, Mother Theresa, former Premier of Alberta Earnest Manning, and others. The University of Alberta also participated in the first stages of the development of the Mizar system - a library of proved theorems and definitions and a language for writing proofs and mathematical definitions.

According to Academic Ranking of World Universities the top five Canadian Universities as of 2010 include:

• University of Toronto - 27 in the world.
• University of British Columbia - 36 in the world.
• McGill University - 61 position in the world.
• McMaster University - 88 position.
• University of Alberta - 101 to 150 in the world.

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