What are the ten provinces of Canada?

Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. Every province goes about electing its provincial legislature. The members of the provincial legislature are elected through several electoral ridings in every province. The heads of the Provincial government are called Premiers. Every Premier appoints different Ministers for execution of various responsibilities of the government.

The ten provinces are:

British Columbia: It is the third largest province in Canada. The famous Vancouver Island is situated in this province. British Columbia is a good generator for hydro electricity.
Alberta: It is the fourth biggest province of Canada. It is commonly known as Canada’s “energy province”. Alberta’s natural resources include coal, natural gas, and oil.
Saskatchewan: This province produces uranium, potash, natural gas, and agricultural crops.
Manitoba: This province is located in the zone in Canada called the “Canadian Shield” Lot of metals and minerals are to be found here. In fact Manitoba is one of the largest producers of nickel in the world.
Ontario: This is the second largest amongst the provinces in Canada. The chief industries include automobiles as well as auto parts. Toronto which is Ontario’s capital city is Canada’s financial hub.
Quebec: It is situated in eastern part of Canada. Quebec is the biggest among the ten provinces of Canada. This province has one of the largest hydroelectricity producing plants.
New Brunswick: Also referred to as the “Loyalist province”, it belongs to a group of four Atlantic provinces in Canada. This province is the leading producer of zinc, lead, bismuth and copper in Canada. There are also fishing ports, and aquaculture farms to be found here.
Newfoundland and Labrador: This area includes numerous small islands within its periphery. Labrador produces iron ore. Fish processing is one of the main industries here.
Nova Scotia: Fish processing, fishing, and coal mining earlier were the chief industries of this province. This area also produces coal and gypsum.
Prince Edward Island: This is supposed to be the smallest province in Canada. Agriculture, food processing, tourism and fishing are the primary industries in this province.